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Feline Cruising Guide




Feline Cruising Tip #1: Have a shrimp net ready in case your cat can't fly.

Hey, why didn't somebody tell me that water's wet & salty! UGH!

Tip #2: Do NOT leave a roll of paper towels on the bridge unattended

Tip #3: Do not leave tomatoes on the counter.




The Adventures of Sharkie,

Boat Cat of Carpe Diem (36 Grand Banks)  

by Ann Dupont

       We have just returned home after two months in the central Bahamas.

  We spent most of our time at Royal Island, Spanish Wells, Harbor

 Island and Eleuthera. Our new kitty, Sharkie really turned out to be 

a great boat cat. She was exploring our dingy and a friends dingy tied 

to the back of our boat, jumping from dingy to dingy, curious, and

 having a good old time when she missed a jump back to the boat!

 and Splash, she hit the water. We were sitting on the back of the 

boat looking at her, and let me tell you, CATS CAN FLY!  

She was up on the dive platform before I could scream! 

 I hope you enjoy her expression as much as we have!   


"Sharkie on the Bounty" 


 Sharkie entertained herself on the bridge with a roll of paper

 towels while underway.  It is so hard to get a cat to take the helm! 

 They get so distracted by the sea gulls.


What goes THUMP, THUMP THUMP in the night?


We woke up one morning to a strange thump.We looked up and 

Sharkie was pushing this tomato down the stairs.  She would get 

to the bottom, then bite it and take it back to the top of the stairs

 and push it down again!  And of course this was my last tomato!  

So we bought her a ball to bat around.


Norm finally found a use for his fishing lures

Sharkie loves this fishing lure skirt and we would hide it around the

 boat so she could find it.  (Cats get bored quickly with the same toy).

Tip #4: Hide the toilet paper!     Tip #5: Have different toys on board to entertain your cat.


Click below to follow Norm and Ann's adventures.



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