- Necessary is a Valid Import Permit See below($10)

- Permit can only be used once and only during the period specified on the permit

- Dogs imported from countries with rabies must be six months or older

- To apply for an import permit please call 001-242-3257502 / 9 or write to Director of Agriculture,

PO Box N-3028, Nassau, Bahamas - state your name and address, the type, age and number

of animals you wish to import, the country of export and origin, the purpose for importing the

animals as well as anticipated date.  Application below Copy and print and mail in with fee

Main provisions of the import permit as it applies to dogs and cats are:

1) Dogs and cats must be accompanied by a veterinary health certificate issued within 48 hours of

embarkation, and a valid certificate of rabies vaccination for either the one-year or three-year


2) The one-year-duration vaccine must have been administered within not more than 10 months

and not less than one month prior to arrival in the Bahamas.

3) The three-year-duration vaccine must have been administered within not more than 34 months

and not less than one month prior to arrival in the Bahamas.

4) The conditions specified on a permit depend on the disease status of the originating country and

available technology. Conditions for entry are subject to change but will be reflected in the


Dogs and cats from any rabies-free country may enter without a rabies vaccination if accompanied

by a veterinary health certificate and certificate stating there have been no cases of rabies in that

country of origin for the two years immediately prior to date of embarkation and that the animal has

been in that country for six months, or if it is less than six months of age, since birth.

Animals not meeting these conditions are not allowed to enter the Commonwealth. A duty for

permanent entry of all animals into The Bahamas is levied, based on the cost/insurance/freight

value of the animal plus 2% stamp duty.

Entry duties:

Dogs: 10%

Fees for dog licenses:

Male or spayed female: $2

Female: $6


Application to import Domestic Animals


The Commonwealth of The Bahamas




Types of Animals:________________Breed________________

Sex:____Age:_________Number of Animals_______________

Country of Export_____________________________________

Address of Origin of Animals:____________________________

Anticipated Date of Arrival:_____________________________

Destination of Animals in the Bahamas:____________________

Purpose of Importing Animals:___________________________


Official Use:_________________________________________

Mail to: Director of Agriculture

Department of Agriculture

P.O. Box F-4004

Freeport, Bahamas


Fax: 1-242-352-3960

Phone: 1-242-325-7502







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