Float Plan

Print this page out and give the completed form to a friend, co-worker, or neighbor.


Your Name (Person constructing Float Plan):

Description of Boat:

Type: Color:
Trim: Registration Number:
Lenght: Name:

Engine Type:

Horse Power: Number of Engines:
Fuel Capacity:    

Survival Equipment: (Check as Appropriate)

PFD's Flares Mirror Smoke Signals
Flashlight Food Paddles Water
Others Anchor Raft of Dingy EPIRB

Radio: Yes No (Check as Appropriate)

Type: Freqs.


Automobile License:

Type: Trailer license:
Color: and make of auto:
Where parked:    

Number of Persons on Board:

Name Age Telephone No.
Additional Space:

Do any of the persons aboard have a medical problem? yes no

If yes, What

Trip Expectations: Leave at (time)

Going to:    
Expect to return by: (time) and not later than

Any other pertinent info.

If not returned by (time). Call the COAST GUARD.




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